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Containing Child Controls inside a UserControl

User Controls are a very quick and effective method to develop reusable controls for your application. They are usually much easier to develop than writing your own custom server controls.I ran into a situation the other day that a user control we’ve made and had been working on for some time, just got a new requirement to be able to contain child server controls. I was a bit surprised to discover this is not a trivial matter.It seems there is a weird limitation on User controls. If you try to put child controls in them or nest a user control inside another, the designer will complain. Furthermore if you thought you could use the PersistChildrenAttribute in order to convince the designer that your control is really intended to support this behavior, then think again – it seems that the designer simply ignores this possibility when it comes to user controls.While searching for a solution, I discovered this post by Bobby DeRosa that suggested a reasonable solution. The problem with this…