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Enhanced performance for the ASP.NET AJAX autocomplete control

The Problem AutoComplete controls have become a main feature in many interactive website and web applications.In fact it is very common to explain the advantages of AJAX using the “Google Suggest” example, as this was one of the first powerful well known implementations implementations.Microsoft has provided a very powerful and easy to use control in the ASP .NET AJAX Control Toolkit – the AutoCompleteExtender.There are two approaches to creating AutoComplete controls. The first one is to transmit all possible data to the client, and implement the algorithm that suggests possible completions, in the browser using JavaScript. The other approach is to send an AJAX request to the server that will retrieve a list of suggested completion words. Such a request is being made every time a new prefix is entered in the AutoComplete text box.The AutoCompleteExtender is implemented using the second approach – this approach works best when the vocabulary that needs to be considered for suggestions…