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SSL must not be enabled for pickup-directory delivery methods

Maybe I'm just getting soft and lazy.
It seems I've gotten used to just finding the answer to everything I need by googling it and relying on the community to solve it for me.I mean, at least when I’m not dealing with the bleeding edge of technology, I should expect to find a post from somebody who’s already ran into a similar problem – right?Well, I was a bit surprised when I tried to implement a simple email client using the totally mundane System.Net.Mail (really not bleeding edge, is it?), and received the following exception:“SSL must not be enabled for pickup-directory delivery methods“Happily I searched the web for this error message only to find two (2!) whole articles about it, none of which was any help at all.So, I figured it’s a good enough reason for my first blog post. After all, the blog itself has been ready and waiting for several months now for me to find the time and motivation to write something.But, I was doing something really trivial - there must be thous…