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Configuring your HTC HD2 Leo email account to use Wi-Fi

If you've read any of my posts, you probably know I'm not one to shy of Microsoft's technology. So, when it came to buying a smart phone I went for the best Hardware available - even if it means using Window Mobile as my my OS. Getting the best HW these days means the HTC HD2 Leo
So, from time to time I'll post some tips here.

If you want your email account to use Wi-Fi in order to send/receive your mail (instead of the expensive GPRS default) - do this:

Start >> E-mail >> [select your account] >> Menu Options >> [select your account from the list (yea I know you did that in the previous step)] >> Edit Account Setup >>Next >> Next >> Next >> Next >> Advanced Server Settings >> In Network Connection select "The Internet" >> Done >> Next >> Next >> Finish

That's a well hidden configuration wouldn't you say?

Enabling incompatible add-ons in Firefox 3.6

It may be so 2008, but, I do love my Firefox with my choice selection of add-ons. That's why I was dismayed to find out that Firefox 3.6 has caused quite a few of them to be disabled due to incompatibility.
Today, I got tired of waiting for the new releases, so I decided to enable incompatible add-ons - I recalled doing it when I switched to version 3 by using the old extensions.checkCompatibility. This post used to be a big help.

It seems however, that the semi-official way of doing this in Firefox 3.6 is by installing the "add-on compatibility reporter".

If you would like to allow incompatible add-ons in Firefox 3.6 without installing this additional plugin, you now need to add the version name to the preference name, like so; extensions.checkCompatibility.{version}. Check out the Mozzila documentation here.

So, to summarize if you want to bypass Firefox's compatibility checking and allow your favorite add-ons to run.
Type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and…